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Snowflakes [Hardchill] Snowflakes [Hardchill]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really Good!

I don't understand why this song lost a couple points overnight, there really isn't anything wrong with this piece. Also, I really liked the drumbeats you used.

Psychknight responds:

I might be able to shed some light on why this lost a couple points. Incidentally, I apologize if your intention with stating your confusion was not to invite an overly verbose response containing my complete experience on the matter, but that's what you're getting xD

I generally assume submissions lose points, because certain individuals (who probably have way too strong of voting power) are either:
1) Dumb enough to believe, that without explaining to the author in a review (or PM) the reason for the down-vote that said person will prevent similar audio submissions from occurring in future; or
2) They are aware of the first possibility and choose to simply be evil.

So basically - b cuas stupids. And because of the fuck-heads.

Due to the type of people mentioned above, it makes people like you and Koyukie that much easier to appreciate :) Thank you!

Road to Ruin (preview) Road to Ruin (preview)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool melody

But could it be a bit louder? It's not a bad song, though. I really like it.

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SuperBastard responds:

Yes, actually, the finished version of this, n/448960, is much louder. Thanks for the review!